Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Store is currently developing a safety resource center to help you prevent accidents on the road, in the workplace, or on your property. We will be releasing content on an ongoing basis. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding safety and regulations, please leave a comment below. New pages include: How To Wear a Children’s BicycleRead More

Pedestrian Safety

Picture the worst intersection you encounter on your commute to work. What would happen if the traffic lights were removed? Chaos, right? According to some experts, eliminating signals can actually encourage considerate driving. The most extreme example comes from Poynton, U.K. The intersection running through the center of this historic 16,000-person village serves 26,000 vehicles per day, including a numberRead More

Drinking and Driving

College and beer. In popular and news media, the two are practically synonymous. Seems every week, another headline calls attention to student substance abuse or exposes an alcohol-related hazing tragedy. Although we hear plenty about the college kids who endanger themselves, we rarely hear about the peers who protect them. Those students are out there and they deserve your attention.Read More

Distracted Driving

April is distracted driving awareness month. Rather than list the reasons why this staggering public safety issue deserves your attention, Traffic Safety Store got some help from designer, Adrienne Erin. The infographic below can help you explain to friends, loved ones and coworkers, why putting down the cellphone is a MUST. Here’s Adrienne’s bio: Adrienne is a freelance writer and designerRead More

Bicycle Safety

We’re sitting in the living room on a bright June day, talking about nothing in particular when Megan, a friend I’ve known since high school, starts wincing and hugging her ribs. “Oh, it’s nothing,” she assures me. “I just got doored Saturday.” By “doored,” she means smacked off her bicycle by the door of an adjacent parked car. It’s aRead More

Distracted Driving

Few social trends in the United States are as startling as the staggering rates of texting-while-driving (TWD), especially among teens. Car accidents are the number one cause of death for adolescents and 10 percent of these incidents involve distracted driving (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Dr. Despina Stavrinos, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama (UAB), has dedicated herRead More

New Technology

If you’re one of millions of commuters in the United States, this image is too familiar. Luckily, the data we need to solve traffic problems already exists – it’s in the GPS trackers on our phones and cars and the sensors along our highways. Researchers at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at University of South Florida (USF) are developingRead More

Traffic Safety

Of course you could argue every accident is preventable.The driver should have braked sooner. He should have looked before turning left. He should have yielded to the oncoming car.But some causes are so blatant, they defy human error. Take texting-while-driving, for example. That mistake causes over a million accidents every year according to National Highway Safety Association. Prevention is painfullyRead More

Traffic Safety

Stuck The Story: The Washington Post called it “traffic anarchy.” During an infamous 2011 snowstorm, northbound commuters trapped on the George Washington Parkway without food or water got so desperate some hopped the medium and wove through opposing traffic. Others simply abandoned their vehicles and started walking. The interstate, marred with black ice, fallen trees, and snow-trapped 18-wheelers, held travelers captiveRead More