Traffic Safety

Seniors vs. TeensAnswer: TeensWe expect mistakes from young drivers, but the first few years are pretty risky. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), drivers ages 16-19 are three times more likely to crash than drivers over 20.These novice drivers cause significantly more car accidents than seniors: The United States Census Bureau calculates 12.2 percent of car accidentsRead More


If you’re considering greening your property, take a cue from Michael Bigness from Boy Scout Troop 11 of  Chittenango, New York.  His recent Eagle Scout project helped transform the parking area at his local library into a  Green Parking Lot — the kind of infrastructure that’s encouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency and Leadership in Environmental Design. As part ofRead More

Bicycle Advocacy

Williston Road in South Burlington, Vermont, is a quintessential car-centric conundrum: four vehicle lanes with no space for bikes and no sidewalk, yet it’s one of the city’s central links. Indeed, the thruway needs a full redesign, but money shortages, politics and red tape can quickly throw that vision into limbo. Is there a way around these roadblocks? Jason VanRead More

Bicycle Safety

On July 19th around 6 pm, transportation advocate and experienced cyclist, Charlie Hawkins, was fatally struck while walking his bike across a four-lane road in Warwick, Rhode Island. The handful of local reports that surfaced provided little detail about the incident so Traffic Safety Store contacted Alex Krogh-Grabbe, Programs Director for the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition, to learn about whatRead More

Distracted Driving

Winter, with its abundance of snow, ice and auto-mechanical failure, is certainly a precarious time for drivers. Yet, it’s summer that’s most deadly. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consistently shows the highest number of traffic fatalities are in the third quarter (July-September) while the lowest are in the first quarter (January – March). This might be attributedRead More

Resource Guide

If you’re riding with cars or venturing into the great outdoors during hunting season, wearing eye-catching clothing is more than a best practice. It can be the difference between a good time and an accident. Lightweight, breathable high-visibility safety wear — which runs under $20 and can cost as little as $5 — is the only gear developed and testedRead More


While many questions remain in the federal investigations of the May 12th Amtrak catastrophe, one thing seems certain: Technology could have prevented the crash. That specific technology is called Positive Train Control (PTC) and it isn’t exactly cutting edge. These crash prevention systems were released over 25 years ago and have been included in The National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB)Read More

Bicycle Safety

The city of San Antonio, Texas, made a significant step towards realizing their ambitious Bicycle Master Plan. With the addition of 250 Zebra Lane Blockers (aka Armadillos), transportation officials are making a commitment to safe cycling that goes beyond a strip of white paint. Like many progressive transportation strategies, the Master Plan, published in 2011, aims to push San AntonioRead More

Safe Driving

  Etiquette. Not exactly the first word that comes to mind when you think about safety.  Yet, that’s exactly what life-hacker and journalist, Kayla Matthews, chose to focus on in this brief but powerful video about safe driving. The majority of accidents, it turns out, are precipitated by inappropriate lane switching and other fuax pas. What seems rude can quicklyRead More

Winter driving

Winter is proving increasingly unpredictable (polar vortex, anyone?) and more treacherous for driver. That’s especially true in regions of the country that have been hit with  sudden, atypical freezes.Yet, no matter how many advisories are issued, roll overs, multi-car pile-ups, and highway blockages continue to make daily news. Before you head out, make sure you’ve reviewed those safety measures most likelyRead More


One of the federal government’s most vocal proponents for infrastructure funding happens to be a staunch supporter of bicycle commuting. In a recent 60 Minutes report on the growing problem of underfunded, aging U.S. infrastructure, only one elected official unabashedly asserts what experts have long acknowledged: To save our crumbling roads and bridges, we need a long term, federal strategy. Althought theRead More

Pedestrian Safety

  You are now four times more likely to die in a traffic accident in the United States than in Sweden. But the difference wasn’t always so dramatic. Since the late 1990s, Sweden has employed Vison Zero, an innovative and holistic traffic safety strategy that’s cut fatalities down to a fraction.  Due to its uncanny success, Vision Zero is now being adoptedRead More

Bicycle Safety

Ask any official what will make roads safer for vulnerable users and “education” invariably tops their list. That’s a funny term because dangerous driving is rarely addressed through a curriculum. More often, officials are actually referring to public awareness campaigns — i.e. billboards, TV ads and web content that battle for public attention. Thanks to the Nathan Bower Act, signedRead More