Self Driving Cars

Bumps In The Road: Biggest Obstacles Preventing Self-Driving Cars Since the beginning of motorized vehicles, our infrastructure, laws, and insurance systems have been developed around the idea that humans would be in control of cars and trucks. This is important because the responsibility of drives are set around human’s liability. Lawyers hold human drivers responsible for crashes. Laws hold driversRead More

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Is Traffic Congestion A Human-Made Mistake? In 2004, the American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA) named Katy Freeway the second worst bottleneck highway in the nation. This infamous nickname was given to the road because commuters were wasting 25 million hours each year sitting in traffic as they traveled during their daily commutes. Not only is the amount of time sittingRead More

Self Driving Cars

Power Consumption Is An Important Consideration The future of self-driving is exciting, and as we dream about what tomorrow’s public roads will look like there are many promises beyond the horizon. From the ability to travel without having to worry about poor driving conditions or reckless drivers causing a collision on the road, autonomous technology promises a brighter and saferRead More

Self Driving Cars

Recent Acceleration Of Self-Driving Cars While self-driving technology is nothing new and this area of study has seen years of experiments, the general public has only recently started seeing the technology in the news as companies like Tesla, BMW, and Waymo publicize their successes. There has been a leap in self-driving technology that is allowing their complex systems to takeRead More

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Americans Sitting In Traffic No matter what city you live in or your line of work, you likely spend a lot of time throughout the year sitting in traffic. According to a recent study by the United States Census Bureau the average American driver spends 26 minutes driving to work each day, and that daily commute time has increased byRead More


U.S. drivers are putting in more miles for their daily commutes than ever before, and as more drivers travel on our public roads engineers are using a range of design strategies to reduce accidents and deaths. Transportation experts have found that vehicle interaction at higher speeds and intersections are the leading causes of vehicle damage and fatalities. These factors areRead More

Traffic Safety

City streets are not just pathways for vehicles, because public roads play a vital role in how civilians shop, walk, and meet throughout the city. Each year traffic accidents kill more than 1.2 million people each year world wide, so making city streets can become safer by making better decisions for urban design.  While most traffic initiatives tend to focusRead More


What Is Artificial Intelligence? The roots in artificial intelligence can be found when classic philosophers attempted to map and describe how humans process information and think about manipulating symbols in their environment. As technology continued to advance, engineers and philosophers were able to apply programmable digital computers to address complex mathematical reasoning. The process of having computers understand more profoundRead More

Traffic Safety

If you drive on or walk near public roads like city streets or highways, then you have probably encountered a number of traffic control devices around construction zones and other areas. Construction workers have many traffic channelizing devices to help direct traffic patterns around dangerous areas. The primary role of the traffic devices is to warn drivers about upcoming dangersRead More

Self Driving Cars

Many companies are in the race to deliver the first autonomous car to the public for commercial and personal use. These companies include the likes of Uber, BMW, Waymo, and even Uber, and each company has their sight on collecting the benefits of being the first company to offer autonomous car technology to the public. Each company is looking toRead More