Traffic Safety

How To Make Construction Sites Safer It goes without saying: safety is paramount for drivers and construction crews in a work zone. Construction projects are some of the most labor-intensive projects you and your team will undertake, which means there are plenty of things that can go south.  Keen attention to detail will help keep both drivers and pedestrians safeRead More

Traffic Awareness

What Is Jaywalking and Is It Really Illegal?—A Look at the Infamous Traffic Violation When most people think of traffic violations, the first thing that comes to mind is speeding. However, there are a number of other offenses that can lead to a driver being ticketed, such as running a red light or stop sign. One lesser-known offense is jaywalking,Read More

Pedestrian Safety

Intro: The Different Types of Barricades For Projects Construction sites are a dangerous area, and this danger increases whenever a construction project takes place near an active roadway with traffic nearby. As construction projects increase and more drivers hit the road, the use of traffic barricades is more critical than ever before to maximize the safety of construction workers, pedestrians,Read More

Road building

Heavy Equipment Is Everywhere On The Construction Site Almost all construction projects have heavy equipment and machinery used to complete tasks and various purposes. Whether building a new home or regular road maintenance work, heavy equipment is an integral part of today’s construction job sites. Heavy equipment like excavators and pavers help construction workers get more work done in lessRead More


Buffer Zones Help Keep Motorists & Workers Safe America’s roadway system is one of the most expansive transportation networks in the world. Stretching from coast to coast, America’s collection of interstate highways and city roads provide a convenient and reliable way to travel long distances in a short time. Roads play a central role in America’s economy, and maintaining roadwaysRead More

Traffic Safety

If you’ve never used valet parking before, you likely believe that it’s as easy to do as it is in movies and TV shows, which usually involves someone getting out of the car, tossing their keys to the valet, and strolling into the hotel or restaurant. However, it’s essential to understand that valet parking is much different and can takeRead More

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are growing in popularity in cities across the United States due to their convenience and ease of use to get around crowded downtown areas. Similar to electric cars, electric scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery and can reach top speeds around 20MPH. This means that business people, tourists, and everyday commuters can travel from home to workRead More

Traffic Safety

America’s roads and infrastructure are aging and starting to crumble due to overuse and age. As more drivers hit the road in the U.S., cities and states are starting more road construction projects to keep their streets safe and efficient for drivers and pedestrians. While there is a growing need for more road construction projects, states are starting to feelRead More

Traffic Awareness

The American Tradition Of Dining Out Eating out has become a staple of the modern American lifestyle. Whether going to the local diner for breakfast with the family after church on Sunday or heading to your favorite wing shop for the Big Game, Americans love coming together at restaurants to celebrate and entertain each other. However, this trend took aRead More

Traffic Safety

Whether you are a professional truck driver, an emergency responder, or just a regular driver heading out on a long-distance adventure, it’s essential to prepare for the worst-case scenario out on the road. You likely already have jumper cables, emergency lighting, and triangle reflector warning kits in your vehicle because these items help keep you safe. However, you could beRead More