Reflective Rubber Speed Bumps

SAFE and easy for one person to transport and install!

  • Durable because they are made of 100% Recycled Tires.
  • Flexible - so they conform to the pavement.
  • Highly Visible - Reflective Yellow stripes & 'Cat-Eye' Reflectors.
  • Portable - can be easily moved for snow removal, paving or to simply change traffic flow.
  • Bumps are 2 ¼” tall x 12” wide and come in two lengths; 4’ & 6’ long.
Two models of rubber bump to choose from:
Standard Bump - For everyday applications. Has two 1 ¼” channels that run the length of the bump (great to protect cable, conduit or pipe from traffic) .
Heavy-Duty Bump - Solid rubber (no channels) for demanding applications - High traffic areas or heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.

Each of our 6' reflective rubber speed bumps saves 5.1 tires from going into landfills!

Four mounting methods to choose from!

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