Portable EPDM Rubber Speed Bumps

  • At 3" tall, 14" wide and up to 16' long, this speed bump means business!
  • Completely Portable - the weight and design of the bump alone holds it down, No mounting hardware or holes required! (Note, bumps may move over time. If you desire the bump to remain in an exact location, a chain or cable through the bump is required.)
  • A 1.25" tunnel running the length of the bump allows a chain or cable to be threaded through the bump to prevent theft (not included).
  • UV resistant safety yellow color is molded throughout, not just on the surface.

Available in the following sizes and weights:

  • 10 foot - 120 lb.
  • 12 foot - 144 lb.
  • 16 foot - 192 lb.

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